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Hot Stuff: Everything You Need to Know About Pokemon Go!

Hot Stuff: Everything You Need to Know About Pokemon Go!

Are you one of the millions and billions of wanna-be "the very best" AKA Pokemon champs who's elated for the official launch of Pokemon Go here in the Philippines? While we know all of us are itching to try it firsthand (imagine Pokemon-filled EDSA, your condo's pool with Goldeen, Magikarp, and Staryu or a Pidgey perched on top of your roof!), at least our wait is a bit of an advantage. Just look up online andvoila! Tips, tricks, and cheats (ahem) for the newbie Pokemon trainer! [related: Hot Stuff: Cute Phone Cases Celebs Are Obsessing About!]


One of these is the dream of many—having Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, just like Ash Turns out this is not impossible at all, proving that this game is by far a lot more promising than its Gameboy and PS versions.

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Take this as your step-by-step guide in catching our favorite Pokemon buddy!


But we know you want more. So before everyone goes in a frenzy when Pokemon Go finally hits our shores (Can't the makers just use Fly to deliver the game to the country? Kidding.), check out this video to gain advantage against other trainers and more knowledge on the game. You're welcome!


Travel across the land, search far and wide and catch them all! Pokemon Go, indeed, fulfills the childhood fantasy to realitynow all we need once we install the app on our phones is get a Pikachu for phone-charging access wherever, whenever. (Wishing that's possible, too, of course.)


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