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The Six Fix: Reasons Why Game of Thrones Is A Phenomenon

The Six Fix: Reasons Why Game of Thrones Is A Phenomenon

There are two types of people in this world: Those who watch Game of Thrones and those who don’t. Those who brace themselves for winter and those who know nothing. If you’re part of the latter who’s puzzled with the success of HBO’s fantasy drama, here are reasons why the former would get into serious sword fights over GoT spoilers on social media:


1. It caters to all your heart’s desires.

Game of Thrones really has a bit of everything you’ve been looking for in a show. It’s packed with a stellar cast, builds a great deal of drama, holds an intricate attention to detail, sticks close to its source material, dwells on dirty politics, throws in hints of history, delivers plenty of romantic arcs (though sometimes weird and twisted), has an epic scale of sex and violence, and above all, it has dragons. You name it, they GoT it.


2. It takes you on a slow but sure ride.

Contrary to popular belief that the show is boring, the strength of GoT lies in its plot pacing—but it’s a slow one indeed. The show takes its time building a world filled with tension, interesting character arcs, and plot twists, but the payoff is always gratifying. Though we usually have to wait a few more episodes before [insert heartless GoT character here] dies, its satisfaction is as good as it gets. Speaking of deaths…


3. It has a satisfying amount of horrible deaths.

It’s not that the fans like seeing people die of horrible deaths; it’s just that the villains in this show are inhumane. And people want to see them go down in the worst possible way. However, the deaths don’t always chase after the show’s most hated characters. Sometimes, it’s the ones we’ve grown to love. Who would ever think that people would cry over holding the door ‘cause of this show, right?


4. It highlights girrrl power.

GoT is actually one of the few shows that showcases strong women leads, and what’s great is that these female characters aren’t exactly a Mary Sue either. They’re powerful yet flawed, and none of them fall into the generic “strong female character” stereotype. Whether it’s one whose intentions are rather wicked (e.g. Cersei Lannister) or one whose motives are noble (e.g. Daenerys Targaryen), this series is packed with beautifully confident women with a brave heart.


5. It is visually stunning.

The greatest and most recent testament to this is the Battle of the Bastards. With apparent nods to the cinematography and choreography of epic movies like Braveheart, Macbeth, and The Lord of the Rings, it toyed with everyone’s feels and easily became the show’s best episodes to date. So if you’re craving for something good to look at, they’ll sure give you more than you can take.


6. It keeps you guessing.

As it continues to torture its audience with suspense, GoT has turned their fans into masochists. With it always being equal parts frustrating and addictive, the show is near-impossible to predict. While the theories you make or read online keep you a little bit sane, the fact that the events are too slow to unfold keeps people curious. In the end, you would still know nothing.

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, winter is going to be a bit delayed next year, which gives you more time to catch up before Season 7 ruins your life. So if you’re still on the fence about the show, all it takes is one episode and you’re hooked.


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