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Daily Diaries: #AngProblemaSaYo Tweets Are Trending—and Here's Why

Daily Diaries: #AngProblemaSaYo Tweets Are Trending—and Here's Why

A few days ago, the hashtag #AngProblemaSaYo trended on Twitter. While radio DJ Sam YG started making use of the said hashtag almost two years ago, #AngProblemaSaYo was popularized once again by Twitter account @AngTanongKoSayo as a way for netizens to share their hugot feels over the social media platform.

Checking out the tweets that made use of the said hashtag got us ROTFLwe found eight incredibly hilarious and relatable tweets to describe everyone's feels:


1. Sometimes, you have to see the light...


2. And maybe think with your brain than with your heart...


3. Chances are, you are stuck with the wrong person...


4. Or maybe you are trying too hard to fit into the crowd...


5. Or perhaps, on the contrary, you are not open enough to them (not just your loved ones/special someone, but your friends, too):


6. But maybe you're the overly-friendly type?


7. Whatever your personality is, make sure you don't let people walk all over you.


8. And be grateful for the life you have.


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez




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