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Cheat Sheet: How to Conquer Those Legit Skincare Concerns of Yours

Cheat Sheet: How to Conquer Those Legit Skincare Concerns of Yours

Large pores? Uneven skin tone? Dullness? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Unless you are genetically-modified to perfection, I think we can all agree that having impeccably beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight and most definitely it can’t be bought over the counter. It also doesn’t help that we live in a country that’s hot and humid 99.9% of the time (or at least that’s how it feels like).

Generations past (our grandparents, parents) were happy to just use any product they saw on TV and cross their fingers that it’ll work, but our generation (and our parents and even grandparents, too, as influenced by the media) have become more aware of their skin type and how to deal with their concerns—we have this on good authority, as Nikki Tang, CEO of DMark Beauty, confirms this: “Filipinas are now becoming more informed and they really know what they want. They are now making intelligent choices with products that involve something as delicate as their skin. They are looking for real results and value for money. Products they know will really work for them.” As technology evolves, so are the concerns of Filipinas when it comes to their skin. And here some of the common ones:

Nikki Tang


Puffiness and dark circles. Now, having puffy eyes doesn’t make you look like a morning person. It is, as this article points out, a result of the thin layer of skin below your eyes showing the blood vessels and the blood they contain more clearly than anywhere else on your body. What you can do: Put a spoon in the freezer for about 15 minutes, then place it against your eye, this will help de-puff your eyes.


Enlarged pores. Excess oil enlarges our pores. There are times when we feel like we have the biggest pores in the world, too big that it can be seen from space. And it’s during those times that we daydream of having that seemingly-poreless skin we see on models and celebrities. What you can do: Ice it up! Place two to three cubes of ice in a clean cloth and place it on your skin for at least 15 seconds, doing this helps reduce the appearance of your pores. But don’t rub it, as it can damage your skin.



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Oily Skin. Have you ever had your picture taken only to see the horror that is your shiny face? Oily skin may have been caused by a number of things, one of which is something we all know too well: Humidity. What you can do:  Make sure that the products you’re using are oil-free. You can also use oil control blots to minimize the shine on your skin, but make sure to get one that won’t clog your pores, as this will only make things worse. And lastly, drink loads of water, keep yourself hydrated at all times because this will help regulate oil production.


Hyperpigmintation. Having dark patches on your skin is totally unflattering, so as much as possible avoid direct exposure to the sun, because really who would want that, right? What you can do: If your job requires you to be out in the open most of the time, never ever forget to put on your sunblock.  




The list of concerns Filipinas have with regards to their skin goes on and on, and while these tips can be really useful, it would still be better to see a certified dermatologist or an expert that better address your concerns. Until then, keep Nikki advises to keep this ultimate skin care commandment in mind, “Cleanse, moisturize, and sun protect all the time. Apart from these, a healthy lifestyle or a balanced lifestyle is important for skincare. Enjoy life in balance. It is also a must to have a positive projection in life as this reflects in your overall beauty and wellness.”

And she has bonus tip for all, "Personally I go for the warm compress of water and rock salt whenever I have rashes from external irritants. As for beauty food hacksalmonds and honey, I swear by them. They do wonders for beautiful skin and wellness."


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez





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