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Daily Diaries: This UP Summa Cum Laude Grad Nailed the Definition of Honor and Excellence So Well

Daily Diaries: This UP Summa Cum Laude Grad Nailed the Definition of Honor and Excellence So Well

With a preamble that went “I am not the best, I am not the brightest, and I am here speaking to you right now because all the other summas backed out,” Isaiah Paolo Lee, also known as “Pao” to his friends, UP Diliman College of Science's student response speaker at their recently held recognition rights, had everybody thinking what could he possibly be have in store for the rest of his time on the podium.

Pao is one cool Summa Cum Laude kid who definitely knows how to live life to the fullest.


Well, he wowed everyone with the entirety of his speech: The Summa Cum Laude Molecular Biology and Biotechnology graduate served a major dose of inspiration as he recounted how he conquered Asperger’s syndrome which he was diagnosed with during his first year in college, and shared his impressive take on honor and excellence.

“Do it well when it matters, and do it well even when it doesn’t. And do it for the people. Do it for the people even if you don’t like the people. Do it for the marginalized even when they don’t appreciate it. It’s not about the gratitude, or the credit, or the reward, but about the people, and the work.”

Pao’s words of wisdom applies to practically every situation, whether you are a resident intern dealing with rude patients in the hospital, have a special someone who gets mad at you irrationally at times, or have a child who has bulakbol tendencies in school. Every good action we do always counts, and serves as a step towards making this world we live in better. “Go out there and show the world what we’ve got,” Pao said as he closed his speech.

(You can view Pao’s speech in full as posted by veteran writer Butch Dalisay here


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Photographs from Isaiah Atienza Lee's Facebook page 




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