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The Six Fix: Ways to Give Your Boobies Some Love

The Six Fix: Ways to Give Your Boobies Some Love

After the viral information of Filipinas having the smallest breasts in the world went rounds online, most likely every girl in the country has since examined her boobies at least once. According to the study, women from the USA are born with bigger boobs than women from any other country, with East Asian countries sinking to the bottom of the list. While it's true that a lot of women here in the Philippines are, unfortunately, not-so-blessed in this department, we have a good bunch of females who carry their big front with pride. Example? No less than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

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But whether this is true or not, size isn't the only thing that matters, but also how you care for your lovely lady lump. No clue on where to start? Here are ways:


1. Wear well-fitting bras. This will avoid your breasts from sagging and causing strain on your neck and back. Also, those unsightly red marks? A definite no-no.


2. Do regular self-breast exams. Making this a habit will give you better understanding of your breasts, most importantly when you feel that there might be something wrong with them. It's recommended seven days after your every period, just to check if something is amiss.


3. Do not sleep with your bra on. Doing so can trigger irritation and affect the blood circulation and constrict your muscles when you sleep. Plus, isn't it more comfortable to tuck in bed with just your shirt on?


4. Steer clear of breast cancer-causing activities. Simply, a healthy lifestyle is needed. Limiting your bisyo (no need, really, for several glasses of alcohol or a couple more cigarettes) and being physically active are among the many preventions for the disease.

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5. If something feels different, consult with your doctor ASAP. Say, on your regular self-breast exam, you felt a little lump on your breast but not sure what it means, better check with the expert, or suffer the consequences if you just let it be.


6. Accept your boobs, no matter their size. The best way to give love to your boobies is to accept them wholly, because they're amazing and beautiful just the way they are, and because they're yours. So do not shy away whether you're big- or flat-chestedeither way, you have your own pros and cons!


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