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Love Actually: LoiShua's Got that "Special Friends" Formula Down Pat

Love Actually: LoiShua's Got that

As the song goes, "it's lucky to be in love with your bestfriend." You have the same person to lean on, same buddy who knows you inside out, but just with a bit of romance in the air. It feels like home, but it's also thrilling, getting to know your best friend as your lover, too. And it goes without saying: Everyone thinks you're so cute together.

It's the case with former PBB housemates Joshua Garcia and Loisa Andalio. Starting as, well, "housemates," then friends, then onscreen partners, then, as of their recent interviews with the press, that label called MU or Mutual Understanding. 

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As much as fans would love to see them get together "officially," Joshua and Loisa are just taking it easy, not putting much pressure on each other. They have the perfect set up of bestfriend/coupleand here's why!


They keep communication lines open. Despite their hectic schedules, they always make time to message each other, via text or, if there's a chance, during projects or shows (example, ASAP every Sunday!).


But they give space to each other, too. As the lady says, "Syempre, binibigyan ko naman siya ng space." Yes, they may have something special going on between them, but still, they know that they're both individuals living their own lives, especially now that opportunities lay abundant in front of them.

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They know their priorities. Both at their teens, they focus on their respective careers first. For Joshua, he's looking into finishing a degree on Business Management; Loisa is becoming one of the up-and-coming young leading ladies of today. They stick with "love can wait" and aren't in a rush.


And they acknowledge their feelings towards each other. "Open siya sa'kin. Napakatotoo niya sa'kin," Joshua describes Loisa. And in those six words, you really can feel how he cares for her. On the other hand, she says, "Going strong lang." See what we mean?


Without going overboard, of course. They're just being their comfortable selves, like their former days. And that, they continue to do so.


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