Cheat Sheet: Editing On the Go with These Topnotch Photo Filter Apps

Cheat Sheet: Editing On the Go with These Topnotch Photo Filter Apps

Whether you’re a photography amateur or someone who just wants to improve the look of photos, one thing is for sure—there's now a wide range of photo apps to give you high-quality photos. And to help your posts stand out (and hopefully gain a bunch of new followers and lotsa likes), we've cherry-picked some of the coolest apps that can take your Insta-game to the next level. Most of them are free, too! 


1. Snapseed. There is no limit to the various combinations of Snapseed filters you can use on a single image. Snapseed comes loaded with photo filters and personalization tools so you can give your shots that sepia, old-timey look just like James Reid's feed, but it goes further than that. You can tweak and edit the entire photo, or just sections of your photo that you'd like to clean up, use the Tune Image feature to tweak everything, or just hit Auto Correct and let the app handle everything. 


2. VSCO Cam. What's not to love in this scene of the moment posted by Kathryn Bernardo where the effects look particularly cool combined with warm vintage tones that add a classic nostalgic feeling to the image.  As far as mobile apps go, VSCO Cam has it all: A great camera, sophisticated filters and editing options, and social features that allow you to instantly publish your images online. It is absolutely every photographer's dream. 


3. Airbrush. If you're a selfie junkie just like Sofia Andres, Airbrush is a highly recommended app that can, obviously, airbrush your skin and give you an instant glow. In this app, there is a smoother to rid your photo of skin bumps and a blemish remover to cover embarrassing spots on your face. And If you've had a cup or two too much coffee recently, you can swipe your teeth a little whiter. And in case you didn’t sleep well the night before, the concealer can clears up bags under your eyes. If you are a first timer at selfie editing, the app gives you a series of easy-to-follow tutorials to get you started. 


4. Vibrantly. Are you a self-proclaimed foodie? Can’t eat your food without taking a picture of it first? Chances are, if you're sitting down for dinner, you're taking a photo of it and posting it on Instagram. For blogger Laureen Uy, like its name, Vibrantly hopes to make your food pics look as vibrant and colorful as it possibly can. The app was created by a professional food blogger for food lovers, so you better believe the appreciation for food is real. 


5. Photo Toaster. Yes, we can literally paint extra color into the sunset and sunrise areas. This technique is most effective when there is already color in the sky, which you can enhance. And that includes: Contrast, color balance, sharpening, and saturation. Give your landscape photos an almost fantasy style appearance with bright colors, high contrast, and lots of fine detail just like how Camille Co edited it. 


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