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Hot Stuff: The Next Iron Man Is A 15-Year Old Black Girl

Hot Stuff: The Next Iron Man Is A 15-Year Old Black Girl

Already used to the criticism that comes with introducing new versions of their beloved characters, which included, in the past, an Afro-Latino Spider-Man, a female Thor, and a Pakistani-American Ms. Marvel, Marvel continues to push for racial and diversity. While not all avid fans are not always welcoming of changes made to their favorite characters, there are still many who applaud the brand's efforts to make its characters more diverse throughout the years.

The latest character to have a new identity? Tony Stark’s Iron Man, who will be replaced by Riri Williams, a teenage black American genius studying at MIT. 


Though her character was revealed as a subplot in Invincible Iron Man #6-11, just this week, Marvel revealed that Williams will be having a bigger role in the Marvel Comic book universe, what with Stark discovering that Williams managed to re-engineer one of his old suits, and him stepping out of the spotlight in order to deal with his personal problems.

Williams will be having her own Iron Man story soon via Invincible Iron Man #1 this Fall (that’s September to December for us Filipinos). Girl power indeed!


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