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Love Actually: How Angie and Joey Keep on Proving that Love Wins

Love Actually: How Angie and Joey Keep on Proving that Love Wins

In the week that has been since businessman and car enthusiast Ian King came out as Angelina Mead King or “Angie” as she prefers to be called, the internet had nothing to shower him and his wife, host and model Joey Mead-King with, but love and support, something which surprised the couple (they were actually ready to defend themselves to critics). In an exclusive tell-all interview with Tim Yap for the Philippine Star, Angie shares how surprised they were with the reaction they’ve been getting from people. “I’m getting random messages saying, 'You guys are awesome!' It’s surreal.” Indeed, their story seems to have touched many lives, and seeing them go through all these together as a couple, sure inspires many other couples who may not be going through the same exact thing but are experiencing some obstacles in their relationships. But how exactly do Joey and Angie do it?




They’ve worked together through their personal struggles. “Joey has had her struggles, we had struggles, but we never separated over it. We have been working through it. I have a counselor, she has a counselor, we talk to a lot of friends, family.”




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They never gave up. Angie admitted that they have had arguments with regards to her coming into  the open, “We had really serious arguments about everything, the biggest fear was being badgered by society, we were scared that the trolls of society would attack." yet they never let those tear them apart. "We picked up the pieces, we figured out what our relationship was—we love each other and this is not gonna break us. Rock and roll, let’s try, are you gonna give up before you try, this is what we are trying. She’s more awesome than awesome.”




They show deep appreciation for one another. Coming out as a trans woman hasn’t been easy for Angie, and it wasn’t exactly an easy ride for Joey as well. “I broke her (Joey) because she lost face where her knight in shining armour wanted to be a princess… “. On his Instagram account @hailtothe_queen_ that became their way of revealing his true self, Angie posted a photo of him with Joey with the caption. “My rock and my number one supporter! @joeymeadking I Love You! #loveislove #beproud #betruebeyou #lovewins #transgender #mtf"


They encourage each other. Joey have known about Ian's secret life a few months into their relationship, and the fact they're still together up to this day only shows that first came the acceptance, what followed was encouragement. “Our first outing night was my birthday back then with Joey. She said, “We are going out!” I said, “Scared!”— I was scared because Manila is so small. We went to Cafe Isabel and we sat there by the corner. I was just in jeans and a loose top, but it was scary. I actually started wearing dresses not too long ago.” But even before that, Angie and Joey have been going to LA and Miami Pride. "We travel because when we travel, no one knows us. I can express myself and figure myself out and then in the recent years since my dad passed away, I’ve been traveling alone because I’m reinventing myself. I’m in a place where no one knows me, they’ve never seen me before, I get to reinvent myself as I unfold. Hence, the traveling—a lot of traveling.”




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Interview by Tim Yap for Philippine Star / Photographs from and hailtothe_queen_





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