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Hot Stuff: Be the Pak to the Ganern!

Hot Stuff: Be the Pak to the Ganern!

Social media never fails to bring the craziest, wittiest, and funniest reads online. From countless memes to the never-ending hugot lines, our feeds are full of entertaining things that are sure to make (or break) our days. And whether we actually admit it or not, there are posts that just hit the spot right, right? And currently, another trend is slowly inching its way to internet superstardom: Pak Ganern memes.

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What started out as an expression, "Pak Ganern" made its way into mainstream memesused as replacement to certain words we choose, just like how we (sometimes weirdly but fondly) use "ano" for a word we forget.

One bold individual seized this moment to introduce more of this funny memes. Mark Anicas, author of Art of Hugot book, came up with a whole album of Pak Ganern memes and it has been gaining lots of shares and likes on Facebook. He sums up his discovery of this craze, "I already have seen some of these on Twitter and I guess it's too good not to be shared with the people on Facebook. I think everyone deserves a good laughter."

And laugh we didMark's got this humorous, feels-filled mind that made his memes so benta. These are big pick-me-ups so when you're in need of some laughs, check out Mark's quotes to make you go, pak ganern!


1. Searching for Mr. Right. Aminin. Napakanta ka 'no!


2. Turns out Gus isn't exempt from the trend.


3. And Bieber knows it, too! His mama don't.. WHAAAAT???


4. Pak pak pak pak pak pak pak. Pun intended.


5. People limit your imagination.


6. Try to still keep a decent mind, okay.


7. Well said, Popoy. Klasik.


8. You don't want to mess with Amor. Or get a taste of pak, whatever she means.


9. Carlooooooooooo. With matching face slap, pak! Ganern!


10. The Hugot Queen herself is pak ganern!

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