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The Six Fix: Things to Do to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

The Six Fix: Things to Do to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

Are you like Game of Thrones' Sandor Clegane who looooooooves chicken (and can eat every, uhm, chicken in the room)?


But you know, even though it's a US thing, we believe that joining in the fun during this special day of the glorious fried chicken is a must. July 6 marks National Fried Chicken Day, and as it happens, it's a holiday for Filipinos as we commemorate Eid al-Fitr (yes yes yes, NO CLASSES and NO WORK, or if not, DOUBLE PAY). And it's a shame, shame, shame, if this day passes by uncelebrated. So, what to do on National Fried Chicken Day?


1. Devour fried chicken at a cheap price. Taiwan's favorite large fried chicken frontlines the merry day! If you want your chicken in  different seasoned flavors, visit Hot Star and pay only P99 per piece! Or if you prefer wings, Wingstop gives out free wings for every 5-, 7- or 11-piece order, and also gives you a chance to win P1,000 worth of GCs for your next eat out! Gives us no reason not to eat chicken, you guys.


2. Or take on the Biggest Chicken Eater challenge. This is for the brave—if you think you can finish Classic Savory's whole chicken with a cup of rice and a glass of iced tea in two minutes and thirty seconds, your meal is free! Yup, no charges. Mark this as The Day to make history (so far, none of the challengers have won, so who knows, it might be you!). Also, Lucky Chick offers unlimited chicken and rice (yassss) from 11AM to 1PM, and 5 to 7PM for only P298. Chicken buffet? Who can say no???


3. Burn fat from all those chicken with the Chicken Dance! Take a break from your usual gym routine and work your muscles out with the fun chicken dance! Let Barrack Obama, Mr. Bean, and Justin Bieber teach you how.


4. Bring back childhood memories with Chicken Run. Bring out your old CDs, prepare some chicken pops, lounge on your couc,h and rewatch your original favorite farm animals. Ah, how nice it is to be a kid again.


5. And since you're staying home, whip up a chicken recipe or two. If chicken pops are not your thing, try some of our recommended recipes, the Buttermilk Chicken Kadhi or for a healthier dish, the Best Baked Weeknight Chicken.


6. If you're the old-school chicken lover, our fastfood favorites will do the trick. No-brainer, greasy, yummy fried chicken with lots of gravy from Jollibee, Mcdo, KFC and other fastfood chains can be you and your family or barkada's destination. Because really, it's fried chicken and we have no complaints, as long as it's as crispy and juicy and delicious as it is.


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Photographs from and and screengrabbed from the Jollibee Philippines Youtube channel.




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