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Cheat Sheet: #Shoefie Game Hacks from Sofia, Elisse, Camille, Kryz, and Kim

Cheat Sheet: #Shoefie Game Hacks from Sofia, Elisse, Camille, Kryz, and Kim

Sometimes our outfits, particularly our shoe game, are just too on point to not share with the world. With shoes so rad, why will we not take a photo of them, right? Below are some tips on how to take the best shoe selfie to make all your followers jealous of your picture perfect (literally) footwear. 


Coordinate away. Because when it comes to fashion of any sort, you always want to aim for a coordinated effort. Here, look at how Kim Chiu snaps a #shoefie of her combat boots and leather bag in contrasting colors of brown. Sure, everyone loves black, but as it turns out, brown is just as versatile. When paired with your outfit, brown looks surprisingly sophisticated, making it a great replacement for your standard-issue black 

Kim Chiu


Lighting, please. Nothing ruins a shoe selfie better than the glare from the flash on your cool shoe shot! Always make sure you have great lighting when taking a pic. And of course, daytime is still the best time to snap. With a lot of shoefies on her white feed, what else can be described as a classic perspective than this view from above shot of Sofia Andres

Sofia Andres


Set the scene. Experiment with filters—depending on the look and feel you are going for. Here, Elisse Joson went for a soft and bright, a bit warm and natural, color filter for a more vintage appeal. And yes, the surface you are standing on is just as important as your adorable shoes for adding visual interest to the photo. 

Elisse Joson


Be choosy when it comes to the background. Brick sidewalks, tiled walls, fountains, and gardens are popular shoe selfie sites. Look for places like these and work on your angles, too, to give a little glimpse of your outfit and make those pretty shoes stand out even more.  

Camille Co


Have F-U-N. Cross your ankles to show off your shoes, or turn one foot to the side to show off your footwear's cool details. Play around and see which poses showcase your shoes best. Perhaps half and half (one foot flat on the floor and the other turned to the side), like this one of Kryz Uy's?

Kryz Uy


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