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The Six Fix: Remedies for the Love Sick Single Lady

The Six Fix: Remedies for the Love Sick Single Lady

Admit it: You're tired..

Of being alone.

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Of seeing couples happily strolling along the park. Of them holding hands, fingers interlocked. Of the sick feeling of self-pity every time you see all those lovey-dovey pairs looking into each other's eyes as if there's no other person in the world..

And you're almost three decades living in this harsh world, still alone.

We've all been thereor is there, presently. It's every lady's constant worryfinding the love she deserves, especially if you're at the age where pressure of marriage is at its peak. Qualified ka naman—you're actually a great catch. You're wondering all this time, "Where the heck is this prince who's gonna sweep me off my feet? Ano'ng petsa na? How come everyone's attached and not me? WHY NOT ME???"


Maybe it's just it isn't the right timeyet. Or maybe he just missed the bus ride home to you, or baka na-traffic sa EDSA, so to speak. While we know the waiting is killing you, there are ways to keep your calm and ease that sadness that's burdening you for years. Read on for these remedies to cure your love sick heart:

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1. Busy yourself with other 'priorities.' FYI, love isn't synonymous to dating. It can be love for your family, love for your dreams, love for pets, love for your friends, love for yourself. So go ahead and get busy with the next big project or treat the clan to a visit at Manila Ocean Park!


2. Discover places. While roaming the world with a partner sounds great, jetsetting alone is the same, or even better! There's not a nicer time to hone yourself outside the confines of your comfort zone than now, while he's still seeking out ways to find you.


3. Know that you're not alone in this waiting game. Just think of thisif he hasn't found you yet, it means he's still in this waiting game, too, right? So, one word: Patience.


4. Flirting a bit won't bring you harm. Yep, going to Pool Club and meeting hot dudes on weekends isn't a crime. Stop being a tita sometimes, please. *winks*


5. Find happiness in the little things. Sure, all those butterflies in your stomach might be the best-est feeling ever. But don't forget that there's more to happiness than that. Remember that note from your bestfriend way back in elementary you've kept in your box of memories? Or those Mars bars your brother stashes inside your bag every Monday morning for your weekly boost? Those are pure joys in simple packages. Don't forget those.


6. Date yourself. Know yourself and love yourself first, so on the day he arrives at your doorstep, you're full-tanked on love, ready to pour out for him while having enough left for yourself.


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