Cheat Sheet: Snap Like A Pro with These Awesome Hacks

Cheat Sheet: Snap Like A Pro with These Awesome Hacks

Fact: We all just can't get enough of Snapchat (oh come on, admit it). There may be a lot of photo sharing apps to choose from, but it still remains to be the #1 most downloaded app on the App Store. And while we all, for sure, know the basics, there are some features that Snapchat would want us to discover ourselves. Snap like a pro with these useful tips and tricks:


1. Use up to three filters at once. How? First, choose a filter of your liking. To add a second filter, hold one finger on the screen and swipe with your free hand. To top it off with a third filter, let go of the screen after you add the second filter, then hold down the screen again and swipe with your free hand to add another.

Use up to three filters at once


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2. Draw in Black and White. If you look at the color palette available for the drawing tool, you will notice that there is no black or white, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. To draw in white, tap on the color palette and then drag your finger to the left of the screen without lifting it. To create black, do the same thing but drag your finger to the bottom of the screen instead.

Draw in Black and White


3. Add more text space. Go to your Notes app, but instead of typing, press ‘Return’ multiple times. Select the blank space, and press ‘Copy’. Go to snapchat, and tap on the photo, once the text box appears, click ‘Paste’, and there you go. You have more space to type in your message.

Add more text space.

4. Create your own filter. Now while Snapchat has some nice filters to choose from, sometimes we just want to experiment a little bit with colors. But since not all colors are available, what you can do is choose an emoji. Increase its size until it covers up the entire screen and the edges begins to pixelate. Then, drag the pixelated area over the frame to make it look like a filter.

Create your own filter.



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