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The Six Fix: One Republic Songs We Can't Help But Hum Over and Over

The Six Fix: One Republic Songs We Can't Help But Hum Over and Over

We just can't get enough of last weekend's MTV Music Evolution 2016 that we can still hear One Republic playing in the background as we go on with our everyday errands. So to fill our One Rep LSS playlist, let's go back to the set they performedwith the band's wisdom as bonus feature!

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1. "Love Runs Out." As the band says, it's all about constantly looking for inspiration, whether old or new. Play this: To remind you not to give up on what you're working hard for.


2. "Apologize." "I don’t think that the young generation have lack of inspiration. I think that they don’t want to do the same kind of work that the other generation did the same way." Play this: When you feel down for people branding you as the typical millenial. [related: Executips: Does Your Personal Mission Match Your Job?]


3. "Counting Stars." For them, you just have to figure out where to get inspired. So it's okay to lose sleep, dreaming about things that you could be. Play this: To pump up your spirit to chase what your heart beats for!


4. "Good Life." Their set was crazier than the last time they went here, and they described our crowd as, "always more energetic than the inside club," which they have always loved in the life here! Play this: To celebrate how good life is; "when you're happy like a fool, let it take you over, when everything is out, you gotta take it in..." La la la.


5. "I Lived." "Music has been our national language so you better keep it speaking, right?" So live and tell the tale of how you did. Play this: To feel reborn'cause everyday is a new day to honor your existence.


6. "If I Lose Myself." If you lose yourself tonight, it's best to be with the group who's always been there with you through it all, and that's what makes their job more enjoyable, thus their staying power, besides creating really beautiful music. Play this: When you've thought of all of the people, places and things you've loved—and feel grateful for having them by your side.


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