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The Six Fix: Kilig Ways James Reid and Nadine Lustre Are Making Beautiful Music Together

The Six Fix: Kilig Ways James Reid and Nadine Lustre Are Making Beautiful Music Together

When two people start getting to know each other, the first thing they look for is their commonalitieswhether it's literature, or food, or travel, or fashion. For James Reid and Nadine Lustre, we can pretty much say that their mutual love for music is the starting point of their reel-to-real romance. And when both of them make music together, there is no more obvious thing but their magic.

For non-JaDine believers out there, here's a sample:


The kilig is not over yet, as this couple has so much more feels to bring us soon (we're totes excited for their upcoming teleserye!). They're like a match made in heaven; the melody to each one's lyrics. And here are more ways of how they showcase music together beautifully:


1. She describes her as his RNB. During the MTV Music Evolution Press Conference, after being asked to describe their relationship as a music genre, James says, "I think RNB. Besides it being my favorite, when we’re together... I feel like it’s a slow RNB song."


2. And he's her EDM. "I think our relationship requires high energy and always dance to it. Energetic," Nadine shares. Two different types yet perfectly in sync with each other.

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3. They're not just locally recognized, their music reaches the international scene! After being lined up with big international acts like Far East Movement and One Republic, we can definitely conclude that JaDine is more than just a famed loveteam in this country.

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4. Their chemistry is undying. Remember those Diary ng Panget days, when everyone was having LSS with their hit song "Bahala Na"? All of us were bit by the love bugand they were just starting then!


5. And the blending of their voices is just plain perf. Whether it's onstage or onscreen or in person, James' cool yet intense voice matches Nadine's sweet tone—we hear everyone saying yes.


6. Every song they perform is filled with passion. They're not just in love with each other. Before romance sprouted, they're already both totally in love with music.


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