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Daily Diaries: The Wittiest Posts on Social Media during Inauguration Day

Daily Diaries: The Wittiest Posts on Social Media during Inauguration Day

On June 30, Rodrigo Duterte and Leni Robredo have been proclaimed as the country’s 16th president and 14th vice president, respectively, in separate low-key ceremonies that emphasized the kind of leadership Filipinos can expect from them.

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And as with anything, netizens were able to find a way to add some fun to the ceremonies through GIFs, memes, and what-nots. Here are the wittiest ones we have come across so far:

Duterte’s “change is coming” campaign slogan piqued the interest of many a Game of Thrones fan: There's one who came up with this awesome photoshop of the Duterte family as they walk through the halls of Malacañan:


Social media star Senyora Santibanez (@senyora on Twitter) joined in on the meme-making fun:


Speaking of “change is coming,” Duterte seems to be enjoying his “iron throne” as President:


Even Duterte’s cabinet members managed to strike a funny expression while the ceremonies are ongoing. Case in point: PNP Chief Supt. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, who despite his strong personality, managed to loosen up a bit:


Remember that funny guy during the Halalan 2016 debates? Well, he was there at Duterte’s inauguration ceremonies, also making funny poses as well. It turns out, the jolly man is a lawyer who has been working for the Duterte family for nine years (and counting!):


Now, would you agree that no one is too old for wacky poses? Well, that is what Sen. Bongbong Marcos thinks:


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