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Cheat Sheet: This is How You Beat Your Favorite Exercise Excuses

Cheat Sheet: This is How You Beat Your Favorite Exercise Excuses

Fitness goals are easier said than done—admit it. Sure, everyone aims for a fit and fab figure. But sometimes, your daily dose of #fitspiration doesn’t stand a chance when excuses set in.

Here, we rounded up three common exercise excuses and how you can actually beat them:


Bukas na lang.” You’re always too tired, sleepy, and busy to work out. Sticking to a fitness schedule demands determination—and that’s what you lack. So you dismiss your alarm and state this mantra: “Bukas na lang kaya”.

TIP: Motivation will keep you moving; find your inspiration to achieve your #FitnessGoal:  Is it to fit into your chic dress? To address a health issue? Or to unleash your version 2.0? Burning calories becomes so much easier when you have a strong reason to do so.


Mahal ang gym membership fee.” It sure is. But who says the gym is your only fitness option?

TIP: Countless fitness videos and apps are available on the web—for free. Even jogging, brisk walking, and running up and down the stairs require no payment. Money should be your least concern when it comes to working out.


“I love my body already, anyway.” For you, physical fitness is just for the body conscious. Every extra inch of your body is part of your charm; there’s no point in committing to regular exercise.

TIP: This isn’t just about having a Victoria’s Secret model bod; it’s also about caring for your holistic well-being. Your body weakens as it ages; counter the negative effects by prioritizing your physical health—as early as possible.


“What can I get from doing it?” A lot, actually: You can live longer, be more energized, and have more confidence. But if these aren’t convincing enough, maybe ManulifeMOVE can do the trick.

ManulifeMOVE is a simple insurance program that rewards your every move. Purchase an eligible plan with an initial premium payment of P5,000 and get a fitness tracker which you can sync to your ManulifeMOVE app. From there, you can track and monitor your daily steps or engagement in other physical activities.

Upon meeting the MOVE Reward Level (5,000, 7,000, or 10,000 daily steps a year), you will receive special premium rates on your insurance premium—as much as 10% savings! Working out has never been this fun and rewarding, right?


Make your determination stronger than your excuses. Keep these tips in mind and turn your fitness goals into reality ASAP.


Learn more about ManulifeMOVe by visiting their site: *Terms and conditions apply.


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