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The Six Fix: These Celeb Lovebirds Prove That A Couple Who Travels Together, Stays Together

The Six Fix: These Celeb Lovebirds Prove That A Couple Who Travels Together, Stays Together

Some experiences are best when shared with, who else, but your significant other—like traveling for instance. Going on a trip together, be it out of the country or out of town, does not only make your trip way more fun, but it also makes your relationship stronger, and these celebrity couples are living testaments to that:


1. Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff. While many of their closest friends have tied the knot earlier this year, Anne and Erwan, on the other hand, seems to be taking their time. Whether they, too, will be exchanging vows anytime soon, is still unknown; for now the two has been jet-setting all around the world over the course of their six-year relationship, with Slovenia being their latest stop.


2. Cheska and Doug Kramer. Whoever said that you can no longer enjoy traveling with your partner once you start having kids, will learn a thing or two from Cheska and Doug Kramer. While most couples would rather leave the kiddos behind, Cheska and Doug prefer to bring the whole bunch. And based on the photos from their recent trip to the Maldives, you can tell that #TeamKramer had a lot of fun!


3. Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal. Having a new born baby did not stop TV host Bianca Gonzalez and husband, basketball player JC Intal, from going on a short trip to the USif anything, bringing their daughter Lucia with them on the trip made it even more memorable for the first-time parents. As Bianca puts it, “Traveling with a baby is extremely challenging and totally exhausting, but we can't wait to bring our daughter to many, many more places with us.”


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4. Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano. Despite their busy schedules, Toni being one of the most in demand TV hosts and Paul as one of the most promising film directors today, they still manage to squeeze in quality time once in a while, going overseas to simply relax and enjoy their married life. Just recently, the couple, together with Toni’s parents and sister Alex, were spotted on the shores of Waikiki, Hawaii. And even though she’s super pregnant, Toni seems to have been able to truly savor her much-deserved break with her family.


5. Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo. Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Big Winner Paul Jake Castillo surprised everyone when he proposed to his girlfriend of two years, actress Kaye Abad, last May. But busy as they are prepping for their upcoming wedding, Paul Jake and Kaye still try to balance life with work and leisure, by traveling together despite their jampacked schedules.


6. Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford. Rounding up our list are Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford. Ever since they officially became a couple in 2014, the two have been traveling a lot as can be seen on their Instagram feeds. They’ve been everywhere, from the paradise on earth that is the Maldives to the jungles of Africait seems like Coleen and Billy haven't only found love in each other but a travel soulmate as well. Posting a photo with Kenya’s Lake Nakuru in the background, Coleen captioned, “I'm so blessed to be here with you, @billyjoecrawford! Thank you for being the perfect travel buddy, as always. Love you!”


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