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The Six Fix: Ways "The Devil Wears Prada" Film Would Be Different If It Was Set in the Philippines

The Six Fix: Ways

You cannot not think of The Devil Wears Prada when you think of the fashion industry—10 years after the release of this movie that faced countless challenges during the filming even the cast and crew were not sure it would be a hit, it has become so iconic not only are the lines quoted over and over again, GIFs and memes of Andy Sachs, Miranda Priestly, and Emily Charlton abound, the fashion remains to be lusted after, but also it's become a career-work ethic-work and life balance reference for many young women. The glitz, the glamour, and of course, the downside of the jobit is its realness and life lessons that mostly attract viewers to the tale of Andy and Miranda, editor of fictional magazine Runway.

We can just imagine if this movie was set in the Philippines—how different will it be? Let us count the classic Pinoy ways:


1. You're sweating in the first few minutes of getting outside the door. What with the intense heat in this country, and not to mention those super packed trains we unfortunately havebear with us if we rigoriously fan ourselves because we need to stay sleek and polished in the office.


2. You wouldn't even dare bring your Chanel just everywhere... you'll never know. Uh, creepy eyes will follow you, and, God forbid, take your luxe baby away. Better be safe than sorry.


3. You won't get to the office in time to give Miranda her Starbucks because... traffic. And being fashionably late wouldn't bode well with your madam of a boss, for sure.

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4. You'll need more touch ups and mirror checks than they all did combined. Your foundation is gone faster than you can say MRT Ayala Station.


5. Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein mean Forever 21 and H&M. Because for real, it's what "cool" women wear here (and can afford, tbh).

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6. Achieving size 0 is kind of a challenge. We do have great food selections here, don't we? Ugh. #thestruggleisreal



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Illustrations by Jana Maureen Jimenez.




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