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In Focus: Here's Why Everyone Is So Shipping #SueNie

In Focus: Here's Why Everyone Is So Shipping #SueNie

Every now and then, a new tandem rises to the top and becomes the pair everyone loves to ship. We see them from the likes of KathNiel, JaDine, LizQuen, and a lot more. Some, we eventually see growing up and witness how they gained so much chemistry, others were just accidental and became an instant hit.

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Such of the latter is #SueNie, or the Sue Ramirez and Ronnie Alonte love team, which gained a cult following fast since being matched together after Ronnie named Sue as one of the actresses he wants to work with. Fans saw the potential and started shipping themthus  the famed and well-loved pairing as we know them now.

Presently, so many people are going crazy over them, and there's more to look forward to them as their first project as a love team is in the works. What is really with #SueNie that fans go gaga for?


1. They're just too cute for words. It's like the famous jock meets the campus crush ng bayan


2. They're both looks and talent combined. Sue is undeniably one of the rising stars of today, while Ronnie surely stands out from among the bunch even if he's part of boy group Hashtags. Aside from distinguishable faces, it's their flair and passion that make them admirable people anyone can look up to.


3. Their connection is real and natural. They're the definition of effortless (just look at this incidental twinningjust perfect!).


4. They're both sweet and malambing. Sometimes, their childish ways of being clingy are the most adorable things you'd see on Instagram. Case in point: This image below.


5. They nail the loveteam realness that make fans super kilig. Their loveteam started in the most organic way, and not through an introduction of a teleserye or movie. But that isn't a barrier to line them up alongside other hot pairs in show business today.


6. They exude the typical teenage couple vibe a lot of youngsters can relate to. Looks like another #TeamReal in the making!

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