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In Focus: How the "Red String of Fate" Will Make You Believe in the Concept of Soulmates

In Focus: How the

For all you destiny-believers out there, watching Born for You hyped up your fate-related feelsfueled by the Japanese urban legend on the Red String of Fate. [related: Look Up, Step Out: Fall In Love With Japan through Janella and Elmo's Eyes] As explained in the show, the Japanese believe that two people who are destined to be together are connected by an invisible red thread tied to their pinky fingers which may stretch or tangle, but never break. Regardless of place, time, or circumstances, the world will conspire to bring you closer to one another. Hopia levels: 1000000x.


Janella and Elmo explains it in this video:


Watching Sam and Kevin tied together as these red string lovers are giving us so much kilig during primetime (how else is it possible for them to meet again and again since their childhood up to present if they are not meant to be, right?), and we may think it’s just another TV bait to catch the viewers' attention. But for hardcore non-cynics, there are a lot of reasons to rely on this idea.


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According to Chinese folklore where this myth started, an old man called Yue Xia Lao predicted that this young boy is soulmates with the young girl he meets, whom he throws a rock at, having no interest in getting a wife. But fast forward in time and his parents arranged his wedding and found out that the woman he’s about to marry is the same girl from several years since, proved by a scar near her eyebrow caused by a stone thrown at her by a young lad during her childhood. Coincidence? More likeyou guessed itdestiny.

Aside from Born for You, a lot of stories adapted this belief as well, including anime favorites Naruto (thanks to Kushina Uzumaki red hair which served as her and Minato Namikaze red thread) and InuYasha (watch the Final Act Ending 1!).


If that’s not enough, the Pokémon game series also introduced this concept in Destiny Knot, a red ball of string which if held by an Infatuated Pokémon, the Pokémon it is attracted to also becomes Infatuated. Talk about MU.

With its popularity, the red string tattoo has also become the “in” design for couples this year, a form of expression of their unbreakable love.


Whether this whole red string tale is true or not, we think imagining about "The Destined One" for you is a pretty exciting thought. And we’ll be seeing more of this in the coming months, so bear with us if we’re so hopelessly loving this destiny thing.

How about you, nahanap mo na ba ang ka-red string mo?


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Photographs from and and screengrabbed from the ABS-CBN Entertainment and the InuYasha Songs Youtube channels




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