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Beauty Inspo: Julia, Kim, Jessy, Sofia, and Bea Empower You to Snap a #NoMakeupSelfie

Beauty Inspo: Julia, Kim, Jessy, Sofia, and Bea Empower You to Snap a #NoMakeupSelfie

As much as we love seeing our favorite stars dolled up, of course, we'd also love to see them sans makeup—and as they indulge our dream of seeing them barefaced, they make a strong impact on our psyche: Telling each and every one of us that it's okay to totally do away with foundation and rouge from time to time, and show off to the world our au naturel selves.

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Bea Alonzo. She makes no makeup selfies totally cool with her bright-colored lenses and a rose-hued top that brings out the natural flush of her cheeks.


Jessy Mendiola. She may have opted for the boyish route what with her tee and cap, Jessy still looks simply stunning. Her well-kept brows beautifully highlight her makeup-free face.


Sofia Andres. She knows all too well the perfect accessory for a bareface: Tousled hair that's fresh and effortlessly feminine.


Kim Chiu. No (eye)liner, no problem! Kim lets her cute chinky eyes take the spotlight; but if you're not confident about your undereye area, dabbing on some eye cream would help brighten it up.



Julia Barretto. Hair up in a bun, face without a hint of makeup = perfection without trying hard. Here's a tip if you want to brighten up your face without any hint of cream: Wear simple stud earrings!


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