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PMAP Talks: We've Got Top Model Tricks to Help You Ace that Job Interview

PMAP Talks: We've Got Top Model Tricks to Help You Ace that Job Interview



By Natasha Bautista | @natashabautista on Instagram


Yes, you read that right! I used to model a few years ago and now that I’m in the work place and I’ve aced plenty of job interviews as an interviewee and even conducted hundreds of them as an interviewer myself, I’ve realized that it is actually very similar to model go-sees and castings. Here are some tips to ace that job interview:

1. Come prepared.

Before I would attend a casting, I would usually read up on the brand or the client so I know what they want and I could adjust how I present myself accordingly. Before a job interview, make sure that you review the company you’re applying at and the role you’re applying for. Mentally prepare yourself by reviewing interview questions that might be asked. These would reflect your passion and dedication and trust me, these are qualities your employer would be looking for.


2. Wear the right outfit and makeup.

I would usually wear minimal makeup, a classic LBD and 4-inch pumps for castings. However, there would be some cases where I’d change it up a bit so I can present myself to better suit the job. This should also be the case for job interviews. I suggest you do your research and find out what’s acceptable, but in most cases, just go for a power outfit! A power outfit is something that makes you stand out as it emphasizes all the right areas of your body, but most importantly, it’s an outfit that boosts your confidence. Make sure to not go over the top, though!


3. Exude confidence.

During castings, I would always make sure that I show confidence. Even when I know deep inside that I’m super nervous, I just fake it ‘til I make it! Casters, bookers, and even your next employer wouldn’t even give you the time of day if you look and seem unsure of yourself. Give honest and consistent answers. Ask questions, too, to show the interviewer that you’re interested. Most importantly, have fun and learn from this experience! The next one should be easy breezy.


Job interviews aren’t as scary as they make them seem to be. There are so many things that you learn from during interviews. You even learn a lot of things about yourself during the process! Good luck and all the best! 


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