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Daily Diaries: Tweets, Images, Memes that Will Cool Your Temper Down If You're Appalled by Brexit

Daily Diaries: Tweets, Images, Memes that Will Cool Your Temper Down If You're Appalled by Brexit

The whole world is in shock after Britain made the unexpected decision to leave the European Union (EU). Around 49% British respondents voted for "leave" because of issues regarding immigration, which Britons view as a problem in terms of identity, culture, and economic stability. Adding up to their decision of choosing to leave include Britons not believing in the EU's goals of a unified Europe.

While the decision has made significant effects already, which includes the British Pound suffering from its biggest drop since the 1980s, netizens, both those who are aware of the issue and those who are clueless about it, managed to add humor to this major world-changing decision:

If other members of the European Union choose to leave as well, netizens have got these puns similar to Brexit (short for British Exit) ready:


While Scotland and North Ireland chose to remain, the idea of a United Kingdom might banish sometime in the future…


Just putting it out there..... #vote #eureferendum #referendum #voteremain

A photo posted by Marx Will (@marx_will) on


…and the Scots are not particularly happy with US presidential aspirant Donald Trump’s tweet, making them curse at Trump with class:


Many millennials are not particularly happy with the decision, too, considering majority of those who voted for "leave" are baby boomers:


Having conquered and colonized several countries, which include Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, and even the United States, it seems that Britain likes to repeat history:


Keep calm? Not anymore, according to this netizen:


And of course, hugot feels once again:


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Banner illustration by Jana Jimenez.




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