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Love Actually: Witness Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales' Quiet Married Bliss in 8 Photos

Love Actually: Witness Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales' Quiet Married Bliss in 8 Photos

We’ve seen a lot of love stories unfold before our eyes—those of your parents', your childhood playmates', your org bestfriend's, and even those of the love teams we constantly watch out for on television. Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales’ story, although initially wasn’t hot in the public eye, is now the happy ever after we all just can't get enough of.

This couple shows so much more than just romance between themthere’s genuine love all over. This realness, taken in eight photos, describe what true love:


1. Love is... finding happiness in other people's joy. They know that love isn't just the kind that revolves around theirs, so they rejoice in others' love stories, too. Like cheering for a newly-wed friendas Kim said on Instagram, "We were bitten by the love bug all over again, we couldn't help but feel the love."


2. Love is... seeing the world together. Besides getting to know your partner on a deeper level, it's somehow a preview of what it would be like wherever you decide to live. Plus, isn't traveling to far off places best experienced with the person you truly love?


3. Love is... caring for both your families. Because a relationship isn't just about the two of youit's also about the people involved in your life. Kim and Echo make sure to give time to their loved oneslike last year's holiday they celebrated in Australia, where Kim's family is based.



4. Love is... not being afraid to express your feelings. Every post is filled with so much love, whether it's a cheesy shot or a tourist-y take. In this photo, Kim shares, "Couldn't imagine being here with anyone but you." When such sweet words come this easily to you, you know it's something worth keeping for life.



5. Love is... sharing the same passion. These lovebirds are obviously beach babies. In their mutual fondness for the vast waters, there lies a stronger bond.



6. Love is... celebrating the little things. Like enjoying a nice afternoon sitting on a bench. Kim and Echo don't get swayed by grandeur, but rather, take delight in the simple, everyday fascinations. [related: Cheat Sheet: Super Fun Dating Ideas Every New Couple Must Try]



7. Love is... supporting each other's dreams. He's an actor and a singer, but this label didn't stop him from pursuing his childhood dream of opening a barber shop! Kim, as always, wholeheartedly supported her hubby in this endeavor.



8. Love is... being happy with each other's company. Ultimately, being together through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, in good times and the bad, is what love is. Jericho may be a man of a few words, but captioning a photo with, "Stuck in this moment," with their beaming faces is convincing enough that true love lies right there beside him as they float above the clear waters. [related: The Six Fix: Celebrity Hottie-Approved Ways to Level Up Your Showcase of Affection to Your Lady Love]



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