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The Six Fix: Cute Pegs When You Need An Inspiration for Your Pet's Next IG Photo

The Six Fix: Cute Pegs When You Need An Inspiration for Your Pet's Next IG Photo

Our cute pets deserve the spotlight, too, so it's no wonder our furry buddies took their own space on social mediamuch like the popular babies of Instagram, they also have their own hashtags for your unlimited dose of cuteness (check out #dogsofinstagram or #catsofinstagram for a start). They have even taken over Facebook as well (shoutout to Doug The Pug!).

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Get your pets to pose in front of the camera as well, and show the world how adorable your beloved German Shepherd or Siamese cat is. Cop your fave celebrities on how they snap photos of theirshere are some pegs!


1. Dress him up like a baby. Buy him some clothes in cool colors from pet stores, or sew your own. Then craddle him in your arms like a true mama, just like Janella Salvador, and—click! Could there be anything more adorable than this?


2. Put up a slogan. Write down witty pet thoughts on a cardboard and place it in front of your pet like he's rallying for a cause. Or like Coleen Garcia, recycle any used box with creative designs and use it insteadher cat Anya looks like she's fresh out of the box!


3. Make him model. Well aside from making him pose like a pro, a nice angle is a photograph a la-BTS. This example from Jasmine Curtis-Smith is a totally winning shot show the world that your pet can model like you do!


4. The bonding shot. Prove how great you look togetherArci does theirs in a cozy bench outdoors while carrying her cat. Need ideas? How about a shot on a floater with your dog at the pool? Or just cuddling on your bed? There are lots of options, just think of what you and your pet love doing together!


5. Adorn him with more cutesy stuff. Just like how you do excessorizing! Kathryn Bernardo, though, prefers a minimalistic approachthen added a sticker upon taking a snap of her dog winking! 


6. Pet date! Pretend your pets are on a date (lucky if you have a pair already) and act like the chaperone. Or match your baby with the cutie-next-door's pet and just photograph those two creatures who both look good together. How charming, right, Yassi Pressman?

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