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Couple Peg: Laura Lehmann and Von Pessumal, as Cool as Cool Can Get

Couple Peg: Laura Lehmann and Von Pessumal, as Cool as Cool Can Get

Thursday is Feels Day on Lifestyle! And what better way to celebrate this than by featuring real-life couples who totally represent #relationshipgoals? Learn from our choice couple pegs on all things love and life! First up: Host and courtside reporter Laura Lehmann and basketball player Von Pessumal.



“I want him to be the best that he can be.” When you hear these words, you know its true love.

Despite having misconceptions about each other’s jobs in the beginning, courtside reporter Laura Lehmann and basketball player Von Pessumal were able to look past through those to find love, that's authentic as authentic can be: There's no pretense with the way they relate to each other, which we saw firsthand as they goofed around during this shoot, just savoring their moment together.    


The two first met when Laura became the courtside reporter for the Ateneo Blue Eagles, the team in which Von was playing for. Laura recalls, “We kind of knew each other’s friends before that, but the first time we talked was on the basketball court.” Laura being the conservative that she is thought that Von was the stereotypical "player." "Not to be insulting to basketball players, but I had this misconception that maybe he’s a player on and off the court and that isn’t really my type of guy but when I met him and we started talking, I realized that he was very different from the other basketball players that I’ve met and that he’s really smart, super easy to talk to, and very maalagain. Even if he’s fierce on the court, with me he’s very sweet.”

Von, on the hand, had this misconception about courtside reporters, models, and beauty queens (Laura is Binibining Pilipinas 2014 2nd Runner Up): People think maarte sila, that they’re very high maintenance and all that, but Lau is really the opposite. Low-key she can handle herself very well in situations where you would think na most people in her type of job wouldn’t be able to do, she’s able to do it often than not. Siguro one other thing is that she also understands people and situations very well.”

 Von helping out Laura backstage when she hosted Binibining Pilipinas 2016.


It was only after the basketball season has ended when the two started hanging out more often. And by getting to know each other more, the wall between them slowly vanished and was replaced with a newfound love, respect, and appreciation for each other, and the rest is history as they say. 


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Von and Laura, however, are far from the typical sweethearts—learn how they keep it real and fun:


They only see each other once a week. How do they find time for each other? “We don’t”, Laura jokes. “But really, we don’t see each other. Everyone thinks we’re always together but because of our schedules, siguro parang once a week lang talaga.” Laura is currently the host of Listed on Lifestyle TV as well as a courtside reporter for the V League, and also has days packed with event hostings; Von, on the other hand, is gearing up for the PBA Draft (he now plays for Tanduay Light Rhum Masters in the PBA Developmental League). Time has never been an issue between these two. “Actually sometimes it becomes a blessing in disguise because since we know we don’t have time, when we do, we really make it count," she adds.


Their idea of a romantic date is pigging out. While most couples would normally go for the more romantic dinner setup (complete with candle light and slow music in the background) when going out on a date, Laura and Von prefer a large meal. “You would think na pag date romantic dapat, but no kami kain talaga, like steak and all. We really eat a lot like sometimes when we order in a restaurant there’s so much food on the table medyo nakakahiya na. We also like going to buffets and just eat as much as we can, walang ng hiyaan talaga."


They’re not into matching clothes. Okay fine, maybe not all couples are into it, but you know when some couples go out in matching outfits, like if not exactly the same shirt, then at least in the same color palette that would likely complement each other? Well Von and Laura aren't into that either. Von explains “I think Lau is really doing a good job being stylish because it’s really her job, but for me I just try to wear the most comfortable clothes as possible like I rarely wear pants, siguro at the most I wear jogging pants. “ Laura adds, “Actually we really don’t like dressing up because we don’t wanna be recognized so we just want to be low-key.”


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