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Hottie Alert: There's So Much More to Lauren Reid than Just Being the "The Sister Of"

Hottie Alert: There's So Much More to Lauren Reid than Just Being the

You know what they say about good genes, it runs in the family. Case in point: James Reid and his sister Lauren. Last year it was his younger brother Jack that was under the spotlight when he entered showbiz, now, it's his 23-year-old sister Lauren that’s making a lot of buzz after James posted photos of her on his Instagram account dubbing her as “the new 'It' Girl”. He even made a mock magazine cover to show the world “what you’re all missing out on…”. But whether or not Lauren will follow in her brothers’ footsteps, is yet to be seen. In the meantime, here are six things you should know about Lauren Reid who may actually just be the next ‘it girl’:


1. She is really STUNNING. Either she just knows how to work her angles well or she really just can’t take a bad photo, but looking at her photos will leave you mesmerized by her beauty regardless if you’re a guy or girl.


2. She and James can easily be twins. Aside from their good looks and sense of style, James and Lauren have another thing in common, their birth year. Both of them were born in 1993 (Lauren was born in April 17 and James followed 24 days later on May 11), only with different moms. 


3. She's a traveler at heart. Though she's now based in Manila, Lauren likes going around the world and exploring new territories. Checking off her bucketlist is New York city, where she got to bond with James and his girlfriend Nadine Lustre.



4. This beauty isn't afraid to rough it up. From wall climbing to kayaking, Lauren seems to be the type of girl that’s always up for a great adventure and doesn't care if it requires her to toughen it up a bit.


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5. She's a fitspo! Another thing we've learned about Lauren is that she enjoys a good workout. She even posted a short workout video on her facebook account.



6. She’s such a loving sister. Her Instagram feed shows how close she is to her brothers James, Jack, and Tom (with her in the photo below).


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