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Daily Diaries: Let’s Talk About the Many Roles Every Mom Plays

Daily Diaries: Let’s Talk About the Many Roles Every Mom Plays

Motherhood is no walk in the park: It means long tiring days, sleepless nights, and incessant worrying. It also means being everything that your kid needs you to be. Below are several important roles that mothers play in the lives of their little ones.


Cheerleader. From assisting your child with their first steps, teaching them how to read and write, watching their first dance recital, to crying with them during their first heartbreak—you need to be there. Through all your child’s milestones, big or small, you are always their ultimate cheerleader.


Teacher. Apart from successfully teaching the most basic things in life, focusing on your child’s character development is also a must. Everyone respects a good and responsible person; it’s also your duty to help your kid grow up as one.


Friend.  Achieving a perfect relationship (no away, no tampuhan) with your kid is nearly impossible. Nevertheless, it’s your task to be their reliable friend: Someone who listens and cares—especially when everyone else refuses to stay.


With all the hard roles you have to play, you deserve a celebration. This is the inspiration that pushed jewelry brand Pandora to exhibit portraits of different mothers in their newest store in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons.

Photographed by Mark Nicdao, some of the big names featured in the beautiful family portraits are Dra. Clare Palabyab and daughters Dra. Isabel Palabyab and Dra. Anna Palabyab-Rufino; Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, her mom Zelda Kienle, and daughter Andrea Claire Gonzalez, Consul Helen Ong and daughter Marian Ong, granddaughter Marinella Bacsal, and great-granddaughter Andrea Bacsal; Charmaine Lagman, her mom Celeste Buendia-Rivera and daughters Francine & Mariana Lagman; as well as Katrina Goulburn-Feist and mom Jean Goulburn.



Pandora also launched its pre-Autumn collection that captures the deep emotional connection between friendships. The playful and feminine designs honor best friends and the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship. So, if your kid is your bestie, consider giving her one of these friendship charms:

With a gleaming heart and a stone-encrusted infinity sign on the Forever Friends dangle charm, this new Pandora piece symbolizes shared bonds and is perfect for classic yet low-key dressing.

The adorable Best Friends Forever dangle is a symbol of the enduring connection between friends (and between moms and daughters!). This elegant piece can be easily worn on its own.

Some of the other pieces in the new collection are the Infinity Heart clip, shimmering with cubic zirconia embellishments, and the Infinite Love stud earrings, dazzling with smooth and stone-studded textures.


Wearing different hats is a natural part of motherhood. But with your strength, patience, and unconditional love, the results will pay off in the end. So celebrate the many roles you play—your kids’ I love yous and thank yous will make everything worth it!


Join Pandora as they celebrate the uniqueness of every woman. Watch the video below:


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Photographs from Pandora





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