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Fitspiration: Ellen Adarna Will Prove to You that Yoga Can Be Done Anytime and Anywhere

Fitspiration: Ellen Adarna Will Prove to You that Yoga Can Be Done Anytime and Anywhere

Girls want to be like her, guys want to be with her. From consistently dominating every sexiest woman list year after year, to gracing the covers of every major magazine in the country, to appearing on a number of Kapamilya shows, Ellen Adarna is, no doubt, one girl on fire. Her to-die-for body is considered by many as #lifegoals. But while many thinks she’s born with it, a quick look on her Instagram account will prove otherwise. As she puts it, “I woke up like this, NOT." Apparently she also likes to eat! So, how does she stay in such great shape? The answer is Yoga. 




While Yoga sure does a lot to your body, mind, and soul, the common notion that yoga classes are pricey keeps people from trying it.



But as most of Ellen’s Instagram posts suggest, yoga can be done pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Be it outside your office building, in your living room, or at the beach, you just have to learn the basics and how to the do the poses right and you're good to go.



To celebrate International Yoga Day (it was yesterday, June 21, but its spirit can always live on), learn how to do one of Ellen’s favorite yoga poses, one that she has mastered beautifully and effortlessly: The Handstand or Adho Mukha Svanasana (if you speak yoga) with this technique we've learned from

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1. Begin in Three-Legged Dog.

2. Kick your extended leg forward towards the front wall trying to overshoot your handstand, almost towards a backbend.

3. The Great Neutralizer, your back leg, lingers behind, towards the back wall, enabling you to maintain a solid center.

4. This variation also works well supported by the wall, as long as you give yourself plenty of distance so only your toes reach the wall, enabling you to maintain your “spilt” shape.


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