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The Booky Report: BAKE Cheese Tart May Be on Its Way to Manila

The Booky Report: BAKE Cheese Tart May Be on Its Way to Manila

This post appeared first on The Booky Report.

There are some instances where a single moment can make or break a company. Whether it’s an accidental ingredient or an unexpected coincidence, these incidents can instantly transform a product into a worldwide food phenomenon. That is how this famous cheese tart in Japan started having regular snake-like queues at all its stores.

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BAKE Cheese Tart is the brainchild of Mr. Shintaro Naganuma, the son of Akio Naganuma, president of Kinotoya Confectionery in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Kinotoya cheese tarts were originally chilled blueberry cheese tarts. Shintaro took over the business with the goal of increasing sales. An unexpected turn of events led him to realize that their tarts were better served warm fresh from the oven than chilled. And the rest they say, was history.

The company decided to remove the blueberries and sold them as plain cheese tarts and is now regarded as “the best cheese tart ever” in Japan. BAKE Cheese Tart officially opened as a separate store from Kinotoya in July 2011.

Photo from @banbi217

Photo from @bakecheesetart_th

Bake Cheese Tart now has over 15 stores in Asia, with international branches in Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, and soon in Manila.

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Fun Fact: Their tarts are measured at a diameter of strictly 7cm, making them your perfect bite-sized snacks.

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BAKE recently opened a “BAKE Lab” where they continue to experiment and refine their recipe. Their tarts are made from three kinds of cheese: two from Hokkaido, one from France. Each batch of tarts is double baked for that flaky texture–first the crust, then second with the cheese mousse.

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There are three ways to enjoy your BAKE Cheese Tart: refrigerate them for that cold, smooth cheese texture, freeze them for that iced cream texture, or reheat them in the oven for that hot, freshly-baked texture. Of course, it’s still best to enjoy them fresh from the store.

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We have unconfirmed news that it’s opening at the new S Maison, the luxury podium of Conrad Manila in Pasay. No word yet as to when, but in the meantime while waiting for Bake’s opening, you can check out all the other restaurants that already opened at S Maison, here.

This post appeared first on The Booky Report.


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