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Hot Stuff: Let's Recap the Glorious Moments of Game of Thrones #BastardBowl Through These Memes

Hot Stuff: Let's Recap the Glorious Moments of Game of Thrones #BastardBowl Through These Memes

FINALLY. The most epic battle in Westeros ended in victorythe Battle of the Bastards, which, we know everyone will agree, is the BEST episode of the Game of Thrones series so far. If you haven't seen the episode, better stop right here, make a banner cheering for House Stark and GO WATCH IT. NOW.


Okay, so we can safely assume that you have already experienced the thrill of the #BastardBowlnow time to refresh our memory and rejoice once more, with the following memes GoT fans can totally relate to, as the Wolves reclaim their 'Home.'

Starting with sassy Lyanna Mormont joining #TeamStark: "The Boltons are doomed," Ser Davos Seaworth said. INDEED.


In those two weeks (PST) of recruitment for more fighters, Kit Harrington gloriously prepped for the much-awaited bowl of the year.


And then Monday came... CHILLS. 


But before going North, let's have a glimpse of the joke in Meereen (you're a truly great adviser, Tyrion).


So now, let's not wait any further and gallop our horses to Winterfell.

Seeing this glare from Lady Mormont to Ramsay Bolton's sickening face and we know WE GON' WIN THIS, BETTER PREPARE TO LOSE, BASTARD. #lifepeg #LyannaMormontforPresident...


Ramsay, the cunning creature that he  is, started with a game that made all fans go...

How we wished Maester Aemon taught you about... LINES.


After poor Rickon Stark loses the game (WE'RE CRYING, RIGHT), Jon's temper got the best of himand attacked. And his army followed, but Tormund had another reason to survive this brawlthe Maid of Tarth.


How thoughtful of Jon to be able to relate to MRT in the middle of the battle.


But the most crushing reality of all is... our respects to all giants from now on. *sobs*


And you know what happened. The Direwolf banners are back, and Ramsay, well... met his end. His death was so satisfying everyone's obsessed with dog memes all of a sudden.


It's like a meal good for a week before Winds of Winter.


Wait, did anyone mention Episode 10?!??


We're expecting the worse..


But also wishing for the best. And speaking of the best, the closing credits is the go signal for us to go online again. Finally, NO MORE SPOILERS!


But if there's anything we're sure about the last episode, it's this.


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