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Hot Stuff: This Year's Summer Solstice Has Got A Strawberry Moon in Tow

Hot Stuff: This Year's Summer Solstice Has Got A Strawberry Moon in Tow

It’s that time of the year again where the whole world will experience the longest day due to a phenomenon called summer solstice, a.k.a a day with as much as 17 hours of daylight. PAGASA weather specialist Mario Raymundo explains this as a time wherein the sun experiences “its greatest declination of +23.5 degrees, and passes directly overhead at noon for all observers at latitude 23.5 degrees North, known as Tropic of Cancer.”

In an interview, Raymundo added that daylight in Metro Manila is expected to last from 5:28AM to 6:28PM today, June 21, and the peak of the summer solstice at 6:34AM, Philippine Standard Time.

This year's summer solstice is different from those in previous years, though, as it coincides with the strawberry moon, a full moon that marks the start of the strawberry season for Algonquin tribes. Contrary to its name, the moon will have a warm amber glow during this phenomenon. Other names for the strawberry moon include full rose moon and hot moon.

Here’s a video explaining this phenomenon coinciding with the summer solstice:


The last time the summer solstice coincided with the Strawberry Moon was in 1967, while the next time the two will occur together again will be in 2062.


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