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The Six Fix: Celebrity Hottie-Approved Ways to Level Up Your Showcase of Affection to Your Lady Love

The Six Fix: Celebrity Hottie-Approved Ways to Level Up Your Showcase of Affection to Your Lady Love

Celebrating your first anniversary? Or simply running out of ideas on how to shower The GF with love? Here's a guide on what you can do nextwith tips inspired by LizQuen, Kathniel, DanRich, KimXi, RobGretch, and JaDine. You're welcome!


1. Support her inner fangirl. Take her to a concert of her favorite band (MTV Music Evo this weekend!) and see how her face will light up while you two enjoy every song played live. Enrique Gil didn't hesitate to go with Liza Soberano to The Vamps concert, and even got to have a photo op with them! Although we understand that it'll sorta make you jealous (all those good-looking guys she's getting all kilig over...), it's major pogi points for you, trust us.

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2. Indulge her with her comfort food. Gretchen Ho and Robi Domingo are both fitness buffsbut that doesn't stop them from taking their cheats. If she asks you to get her ice cream even if she's on a diet, don't say no. And encourage her to stop depriving herself because you love her just the way she is, even with an added two inches on her waist. She'll love you for it.


3. Lavish her with big things. She may tell you, "I don't want extravagant things!" but believe us, deep down, she's wishing for a big gesture from you (she just doesn't want to put too much pressure on you). So when something special comes up, go all out and surprise her with a nice necklace or a huge teddy bear or a heart-shaped flower bouquet like what Xian Lim gave Kim Chiu on V-day.


4. Be her personal photographer. We all know how taking OOTD shots are such a big part of the millenial's everyday to-dos. So put your photography skills to a test and take her best pictures for Instagram (how adorable is James Reid taking all those lovely photos of Nadine Lustre which we constantly double tap? So much love).


5. Treat her family, too. You're not just pleasing the girl of your liferemember, you must show her how the special people in her life is as important to you as well. On your next dinner date, bring them alongand get to know them more in the process (you'll never know when you'll need a back up for your 'plans').

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6. Keep her happy with a bit of PDA. While you're the not the cheesy type of couple and prefer to be casual with your relationship, some PDA might do you good. Watch her smile when you hold her hand in public all of a sudden (peg Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo and interlock your fingers like no one's around). It gives the impression that you're proud of having her. Major kilig.


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