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Love Actually: 10 "Me Before You" Scenes that Will Break and Mend Your Heart

Love Actually: 10

If you've watched Me Before You, you'll understand how we currently feel. The story of Louisa Clark and Will Traynor was both a major tearjerker and a huge serving of warm, happy feels, so it's safe to say that this movie has toyed with our emotions big time. *sniffs* 

While all love stories have their own ups and downs, of course, this movie has its fair share of it, you'll just root for this pair's selfish-unselfish ways of showing their love. There is so much to love in this filmfrom Louisa's chattiness and "ridiculous dresses" to Will's smirks, to basically just seeing our favorite actors in one film (Matthew Lewis, Charles Dance, and Jenna Coleman, to name a few), but here are some of our favorite momentsprepare to laugh and cry once again as they make you realize the importance of living boldly and living well:


1. Louisa's first time to watch a movie with subtitles. It's the first time she and Will bonded togetherand the first time Will encouraged Louisa to go and try things that will make her happy.


2. Will getting chills. "Tell me something good, Clark," Will said. We all want to hear about good things, especially when the going gets tough. So Louisa went on and told him stories about her younger years, her bumblebee tights, and even sang him a children's song.


3. The first date. If the, "I just want to be a man on a date with a girl in a red dress," didn't make you melt, you're numb. But then reality hits you that Will actually had a moment when he wants to linger in the presentsavoring every minute left of that beautiful night before the morning comes to take it away. [related: Daily Diaries: What Gives You Kilig Overload?]



4. Will rushed to the hospital. Louisa's desire and drive to do everything to not let Will die—for him to experience more of life, and for her to be able to spend more time with him.


5. Louisa's birthday dinner. Louisa receiving a gift from her prince charming (Sorry not you, NevillePatrick, rather) that made her all giddya pair of bumblebee tights. Yes, Will totally remembered that teensy bit of detail—oh how she loved 'em.


6. Alicia's wedding. Will finally accepting other people's happinessand embracing his.

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7. The "honeymoon." Okay, so this is where things got complicatedone minute they were having a grand time and the next thing you know, you're bawling your eyes with them. How happiness can be taken away that easily from you, and how easily some people can let go of something that makes them feel alive, stabs. Your. Heart. Like. A. Knife.


8. Louisa's return home after the trip. But what can you do to people who give up on themselves like Will Traynor? "You love them," Louisa's dad advised.


9. The last goodbye. And so, she did just thatshe loved him. Until his last moment. And stayed, even if she knew it'll shatter her heart into a million pieces. 


10. Paris. Because a loss is never an end, but a beginning—of a new life, of a new you. The start line of living boldly, and living well.


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Photographs screengrabbed from the Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube channel




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