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Beauty Spotlight: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking Out Your New Refreshing Scent

Beauty Spotlight: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking Out Your New Refreshing Scent

Dealing with intense heat is already bad. But dealing with amoy-pawis is way worse! Unfortunately, our humid weather makes that day-long, fresh-out-of-the-shower scent almost impossible to achieve. Luckily, we have perfumes and colognes to save the day.

But with all the options out there, how exactly do you choose your signature refreshing scent? Here’s a handy list of Qs to ask:


Will it help you exude confidence? An impeccable scent is empowering. By choosing a scent that you love 100%, you know you’re bringing on the confidence with every spray. So don't make impulsive decisions. Screen your selections and pick the one you can proudly wear.  

TRY: Penshoppe's All Day Pulse Red: Show off your bold side with its exciting blend of mandarin orange, mint, ginger flower, and amber. 




Does it stay true to your personality? Every perfume bottle has a character: It could be bold, sweet, friendly, seductive, or a bit mysterious. Choose what best reflects you.

TRY: All Day Pulse Blue: Give them a hint of your mysterious side with deep scents of freesia, tea, lavender, and sandalwood. 




TRY: All Day Pulse Yellow: Bring out your inner Miss Congeniality by spritzing fruity notes of apple and pear, combined with the freshness of muguet and peony.



Will it make you turn heads? A whiff of your scent can make a person attracted to you. So if you’re hoping for a little admiration (from your crush), spray the fragrance that will surely grab that cutie's attention.

TRY: All Day Pulse Pink: Make people fall madly in love with the sweet scents of strawberry and cassis, infused with floral notes of peony, jasmine, and lily.  



Perfume or cologne shopping isn’t just about choosing a bottle from the shelves. It’s also about choosing the best fragrance that defines who you are to the world. Let these guidelines help you find a go-to scent and secure that fresh-from-the-shower feeling all day!


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Photographs from Penshoppe




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