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PMAP Talks: How the "Gap Year" Changed My Life

PMAP Talks: How the



By Jairus Ferrer | @jaiferrer on Instagram


June is the month when many go through life transitionhigh school to college, college to the corporate life, or corporate to entrepreneurship. Many conform to what society dictates to them in the end, missing the opportunity to discover what they were made for.

Many young people find themselves in a dilemma thinking “What do I do with my life?” One of the most interesting solutions I have discovered to address such a dilemma is the GAP YEAR.

To some, the gap year is a periodusually six months to a yearwhen one breaks routine and does something different from what he or she is accustomed to. To me the gap year created a mindset and a lot of opportunities so unique that I have discovered my life purpose through this process.

Experiencing the gap year from ages 16 to 17 gave me a chance to discover more about myself and what I can do. Before then, I had no idea what to do with my life, and no idea what to take up for college. One thing that I did know is that it was a great chance to discover life in the truest sense. During my gap year I was pro-active by playing music, swimming, and attending seminars.

Here are three ways to approach the gap year:


1. Get a mentor and be mentored. I believe in having a life mentor. This is ideally someone who you look up to, someone who you perceive as successful. Step out and approach that person. Ask him/her to mentor you for a given period of time. Submit and learn as much as you can from that mentor, how he works, how he interacts with people, and what his thinking process is. Remember that success in life is most often won through the proper thought process.


2. Volunteer selflessly. There are many ways that you can volunteer. Doing this teaches you to have an attitude of kindness and gratitude. Once you have developed this habit, watch life reward you in ways you never imagined.


3. Travel and immerse. There are many inexpensive ways to travel in our country. Take a bus to a nearby town, search online for farms, communities, NGOs, foundations, etc. Just go and see what lies ahead of you; you won’t regret it.


I had the privilege of having a tribal leader as my roommate for a year and a half when I was in a farm school in Bukidnon. The amount of wisdom and understanding I have gained from this man brought a fresh perspective and strengthened my inner being.

All this during the GAP YEAR.


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Photograph from @jaiferrer on Instagram




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