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PMAP Talks: What Is It Like Growing Up with a Top Model for A Mom?

PMAP Talks: What Is It Like Growing Up with a Top Model for A Mom?



By Aya Abesamis | @ayabesamis on Instagram


As a daughter, you always look up to your mother. She is the one true light of the family and the super woman in your life. You observe the way she acts, moves, cooks, dresses up and always wish that you would grow up to be just like her one day in the future. Although it isn’t perfect and we may all have some differences and mishaps once in a while, she is still your peg in life.

Growing up with Miss Universe 1984 3rd runner up and a well-known ramp/diva/mother, Desiree Verdadero-Abesamis, has been quite a big challenge, as she has set a high standard that I feel obligated to top. It’s either people are pressuring you to be at par with her, or you are automatically seen as someone to look forward to in the coming years ahead. Having parents that are highly respected and admired in the fashion world and the pageant world has influenced a major part of my life. Although I’ve always been interested to try out modeling since I was a kid, starting was a difficult step due to several expectations. But through the help and support of my parents I have gone further than what I have expected in the beginning.

I have now worked with designers whom my mom has directly worked with, and I have also done several jobs modeling beside my mom herself. This on its own is a treasure I will never forget. Watching her do her thing on the ramp and in shoots and seeing her face still being on the papers and on television make you want to even work harder. But rather than being pressured, this should be considered a challengea challenge that will make you a stronger person, and a challenge that may open your doors for something new. After all these and days still coming, I am looking forward to more opportunities to work with my mom and grow into a fine young lady with big dreams just like her.


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Banner photograph by Charisma Lico courtesy of Aya Abesamis




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