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Workout Wisdom: Here's Why the Trumpet Dance Craze Is A Great Sub to Your Fave Routine

Workout Wisdom: Here's Why the Trumpet Dance Craze Is A Great Sub to Your Fave Routine

It all started with Vice Ganda's giling moves on It's Showtime.


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It looks so much fun and easy, so it's no wonder many people immediately took to Youtube to showcase their own versions of this dance. And of course, our favorite celebrities joined in on the trend as well!

Here's Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford's short but sexy and fun version of Trumpets.


While the Kilig Ambassadors with Sue Ramirez went all out freestyle!


Hashtags Trumpets. #Hashtags #itsshowtime #kiligambassadors #trumpetschallenge

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Meanwhile, Janella Salvador with Loisa Andalio, Joshua Garcia, and Jerome Ponce hit up the ASAP stage with their sizzling Trumpets dance number!

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Watch their video here


But aside from it being fun, it's actually an overall workout in itself. If you're feeling lazy to hit the gym, following these moves is a great way to sweat it out. Here's why:


1. Giling all the way. Clearly, moving your hips in circles has a trimming effect on your mid-body. And when you do, your shoulders and arms, and sometimes your legs, uncontrollably follow!


2. It's easy. Shake to your left, wave your body four times, put both your hands up, shake them in front of your while slowly putting it down, and shake again, and repeat! Bet you'll be challenged to perfect it until you get all the moves right! Many repetitions will burn hundreds of calories!


3. TBH, you can freestyle your way to this dance. 'Cause there are no rules in dancing. If you find it hard to follow your idol's Trumpet's video, just do what you want with your body and dance like no one's watching!


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