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Hot Stuff: Finally, A Carpool Service Recognized by the LTFRB

Hot Stuff: Finally, A Carpool Service Recognized by the LTFRB

How do you make ride-hailing apps like Uber more efficient on the road? By making users who have the same route carpool together, therefore lessening the number of cars plying on Metro Manila's major roads.

On June 15, Uber launched its carpooling service called UberPool, which makes the ride-hailing experience more affordable and environment-friendly by letting passengers going to the same route share a ride and split the expenses between each other. By making use of the carpool concept, UberPool is set to reduce the number of cars on the road, and the amount of gasoline consumed.

An uber-cool fact about Uber's latest service? It's the only carpool service recognized by the LTFRB, making it truly legit and giving you a new communal commuting option.

Check out the video below to know more about UberPool:


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Banner photograph screengrabbed from ABS-CBN News YouTube Channel. Video from the ABS-CBN News YouTube Channel.




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