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The Six Fix: Too Funny Back-to-School Memes Serving Unli Good Vibes

The Six Fix: Too Funny Back-to-School Memes Serving Unli Good Vibes

1. When you realize that you need to get up early...

While you have to say goodbye to sleeping in up until noon, as they say, the early bird catches the worm so you can definitely look forward to increased productivity.


2. When your classmates see you after a few months of vacation...

If you're happy with how you look and you're healthy, those few extra pounds won't hurt, but if a bangin' bod is your ultimate goal, then it's time to work harder at the gym.

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3. When teachers meet their students on the first day of classes...

Some may look scary, but they will surely have legit lessons to teach you so always keep an open mind.


4. When you pray that your teacher is absent...

You just might get surprised: She's probably just running late or want to catch you off guard so make sure you're on your best behavior.


5. When mom realize the good thing with back to school...

Now they've got more time for themselves! 


6. When you can't find your classroom...


Being a freshman can be a challenge, especially when you are entering into a new environment. In times like this, do not be ashamed to ask questions from upperclassmen. Who knows, you might find new friends on the first day of school alone!


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