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Daily Diaries: Three Reasons That Will Convince You to Stop Parent-Judging

Daily Diaries: Three Reasons That Will Convince You to Stop Parent-Judging

Parenthood has no single right formula—what works for your kid might not be the same for others. But sadly, we live in a society where parents are criticized for not meeting traditional expectations: “Tsk, bakit ganyan sya magpalaki ng anak?” Parent-judging has become a norm. But does it have to be?

Take time to pause, reflect, and consider these things before you raise your eyebrows on other parents:


Raising children is not a competition. Every child’s talents and development differ. Just because your kids found their passion and purpose first, doesn’t mean other kids are “poor late bloomers.”


No one’s an expert in parenthood. Don’t feel pressured if you commit mistakes. Everything about parenthood boils down to trial and error; if you fail once, then go try other ways. Besides, experience remains to be the best teacher. And your unconditional love for your child is enough to guide your parenting style.


You don’t know their story. What you see isn’t exactly the reflection of what’s happening inside a child’s home. Be kind enough to hold your thoughts; your judgment might be the last thing they need right now.


All homes have their unique story. It may not be the same as the one you have, but it is their own—and you have to respect that.

In an attempt to discuss the real story behind every child’s seemingly 'improper' upbringing, Tang produced a video that will make you rethink and say #NoToParentJudging.


Parent-judging exists, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. We can change it by listening to other families’ unheard stories and accepting that every parent has his or her own parenting style. Choices may differ but the goal is all the same—to bring up a well-loved and happy child. 



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