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In Focus: Advertising in the Modern Age is Now More About Promoting Social Good

In Focus: Advertising in the Modern Age is Now More About Promoting Social Good

Have you come across this feel-good, hugot-loaded commercial by a fastfood chain that has been making waves lately?


Chances are that you have been drawn to both the commercial’s story and the fast food chain’s new product, and even shared it to your friends on social media.

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The fact that you (and the millions of Filipinos) have been touched by the said commercial shows how much you have been attached to the brand’s goal and identity. “The connection to the emotion makes us able to decide and choose. Without it, we are simply lost in this sea of choices and we are lost in this world of complexity,” BBDO Guerrero Chairman and Chief Creative Officer David Guerrero emphasized during his talk at the 2016 adobo-Tambuli Asia Pacific Conference, where he emphasized the importance of presenting a world of good to the audience.



Bringing the good in advertising is elaborated further by McCann APAC CEO Charles Cadell, who notes that advertising in the modern age is headed to a better platform in promoting social good. “We tell stories of products that make life better,” said Cadell. With around 25% of Asia’s 4 billion population being active on social media, Cadell adds that it is also important for brands to build trust with their audience, especially on social media, in order to have effective campaigns, which is very apparent in the case of that hugot-loaded commercial we were talking about earlier. 



With these in mind, several local advertising campaigns were given recognition at the 10th Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards, which include BBDO Guerrero’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” Leo Burnett Group Manila’s “McTollBooth,” and McCann Worldgroup Philippines’ “#GoogleMissKoNa.” DOT Sec. Ramon Jimenez Jr. was also awarded the Tambuli Crimson award, in addition to DOT's “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign earning a bronze medal, for his excellent use of marketing communications to promote the Philippines globally.

Jimenez credited tourism partners and stakeholders in making tourism big in the Philippines.


View all of the winners at the 10th Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards here


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