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In Focus: What’s Best for “Troublemaker” Baron Geisler?

In Focus: What’s Best for “Troublemaker” Baron Geisler?

Is it fighting Kiko Matos in a caged square ring?


As we witness all tangibles in this continuing saga of an artist supposedly gone awry, we can’t help but yearn for one grudge match (akin to MTV’s Celebrity Death Match) to settle the score of one Quezon City bar fight in May that went out of hand.

And he’s really into the thing, as if it is his salvation—girding up for that anticipated night on June 25 with all eyes focused on what happens to him in an actual, no-holds barred MMA fight.

After all, he wants validation of this sordid comeuppance given yet another controversial and recorded encounter that again revealed his raw tendencies and even thrill for skirmishes. 

But is all the brouhaha helpful for one splendid, award-winning actor like Baron Geisler? Not at all.


For those who have witnessed the brawls he willfully gets into, Baron is seen as the quintessential “troublemaker.” Unlike most who work in the image-focused industry he thrives in, Baron would let it all out as he pleases, having his fits of rage take their toll on his surroundings or his uncontrolled behavior affect those in his line of sight.

This was seen in his recent clash with a group of UP students, wherein he hurled invectives and manhandled one of them, over the late production of a script he demanded in a film project they collaborated on. Baron was also jailed years back after he assaulted a neighbor in Quezon City, and was involved in numerous fisticuffs and charged by several female celebrities for sexual harassment and unjust vexation.

And this surely impacts the person, who for most who have witnessed his prolific career in movies and TV may find it regretful that his artistic brilliance is never noticed by most.

Artistic genius

“He is such an artistic genius,” stresses Dr. Randy Dellosa, one of the country’s leading psychologists and psychiatrists, who has closely observed and analyzed life journeys of celebrities.

“He has some moods that sometimes lead to madness like all other geniuses. He gets swayed by his moods. Just as much as he has moods for happiness, for pleasure, sometimes he has these moments that he is short tempered.”

Doc Randy got to know Baron when both of them were part of the hit reality show Pinoy Big Brother, wherein the acclaimed life coach served as its resident psychologist.

Baron’s drastic mood swings are due to his severe bipolar disorder, which the actor admitted and had undergone treatment for.

“He (Baron) would really have his ups and downs. He might not be able to control his behavior during that time. He has his highs and lows. It’s like he’s in a roller coaster. Sometimes, these highs and lows mix in one moment. The mood swings are very quick,” Doc Randy said.

It is normally treated by medication, such as anti-depressants and mood stabilizers for dealing with the dramatic mood shifts. 

However, Doc Randy disclosed that Baron was never a patient and could not conclude a clinical evaluation on the actor’s condition.

Borderline personality disorder

Based on his observations, Doc Randy introduced a possible condition that is quite consistent with Baron’s behavior.

“Very similar to bipolar disorder is the borderline personality disorder. A borderline personality naman is unstable with his moods, so it’s not really predictable. The moods are just from anywhere. The difference is that there’s an unstable mood, unstable sense of self, unstable relationships. There’s greater instability. So they are very similar.”

Those suffering from borderline personality disorder act more on impulse and would have no “reflection time” prior to doing it.

“When they feel something, they act on the emotion right away. They act on that thought. Whereas in ordinary people, there’s a reflection time, wherein they can weigh the good and the bad. What if I do this, what if I do that. Sila, they act on impulse, the urge, right away.  That’s what gets them into trouble,” he said.

Doc Randy clarified that this is not confirmed pending closer clinical scrutiny of Baron’s behavior.

Yet, given all the obvious circumstances and consequences of his actions, Doc Randy recommends that Baron fully addresses his condition, particularly his alcoholism that would “compound or aggravate” his mood swings.

He can do it by “medication and talk therapy,” he said.

Life coach

While it is public knowledge that Baron underwent rehabilitation and treatment for his alcoholism and bipolar disorder, having a life coach beyond the walls of a rehab center is crucial to oversee and track his progress. And of course the self-discipline to actually realize the change.

“It needs determination, willpower, on his part to go through treatment. He needs the help of a professional and he needs the self-discipline to apply what he learns. Kasi what I notice is that some people are very good patients during the session but when they get out, they forget everything, especially for Baron because he lives in the moment,” Doc Randy emphasized.

He added: “The problem with rehab is that there’s a lot of structure inside the institution so he’ll be a good boy inside the rehab. Outside, there’s no more structure for him. So he has to create the same structure outside. That’s where the self-discipline comes in. But that’s lacking. So obviously he needs someone to guide him. So he needs a life coach and a mentor.”

There’s also that matter of emotional baggage, he said, which Baron can’t release except through his extreme mood swings.

“That’s the problem of a lot of artists, they carry a lot of baggage. A life coach has to help him in letting go of the emotional baggage because apparently, it is already compiled. It’s piled up one after another. He has to release the baggage so it will be clearer inside. Lighter, remove the baggage, make him more objective, making him less emotionally reactive.”

Yoga, anger management

And, instead of showing aggression or hostility, Baron can actually help himself more by trying to achieve inner peace and tranquility through wellness practices, such as yoga or anger management sessions, Doc Randy noted.

“Another thing that might help him will be meditation, yoga, qi dong, because they instill peacefulness of mind,” he stated.

“You’ll be able to see your emotion and then let it pass like a cloud and not act on it. So that might help. Another thing might be anger management problems, so that he doesn’t lash out on people. Baka there’s a life coach who can actually listen to his anger and dissipate it. An anger management coach who can lengthen the reflection time.”

Above all the recommendations, it is Baron’s decision, of course, to embrace this change or continue his rollicking ways.  

“The question is, will you have the discipline to cooperate or will he allow the life coach to kind of instill some discipline in him? So that’s another issue,” Doc Randy stressed.

Actor or MMA fighter?

And it surely doesn’t help that there’s heightened interest and big demand for tickets to that street fight-style cage match with Kiko (now slated at the Valkyrie in Bonifacio Global City), and the “rewards” that come from his altercations.

“I would also think that one reason why he is not changing is because he enjoys it,” Doc Randy added. “There’s a certain thrill to be flowing with your moods. For him, that’s unpredictable, there’s always excitement in going with the flow, living with the moment. Imagine if that type of person lives by structure, then wala na yung sense of pleasure niya, yung thrill niya.”

But what’s really best for this brilliant award-winning artist is that eventually, he would learn, appreciate, and relish the value of his essential gift, the main reason why he is actually thriving and waxing prolific—his outstanding, exceptional talent as one of the best actors of his generation.

And, no, please, not an emerging professional MMA fighter, even if he tightly wears that taekwondo black belt.

“He’s very promising,” Doc Randy said.

“He’s promising up to now despite the problems he gets himself into as an artist and as a person. Ma-control lang. If he only has his moods in control, he’s gonna win more awards. He can be a Leonardo DiCaprio or something.”


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