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Daily Diaries: Julia Barretto Is the Fun and Supportive Sister We All Want to Have

Daily Diaries: Julia Barretto Is the Fun and Supportive Sister We All Want to Have

She's often stereotyped as the queen bee, with her mestiza good looks and sophisticated vibe, and the roles that she has played in most of her projects; and little are people able to take notice of how such a loving and supportive sister she is to her siblings. Well, that didn't miss our radar: Here, take a look at the different ways Julia is the sister everyone would love to have:

1. She supports her sibling’s food cravings.

Even if she has to be conscious of their weight due to various showbiz commitments, Julia is still game in joining her siblings in trying out sinfully delicious food, like having burgers at In-N-Out Burger.


2. She's a huge fan of her siblings, and isn't ashamed to gush about how proud she is of them.

Julia took to Instagram to show her support for Claudia who, as of late, is pursuing her dreams of being a singer. The proud sister’s remark? “I can't wait for everyone to hear your beautiful voice.”


3. She would let down her hair to e childlike again and enjoy what her little brother Leon enjoys doing.

She flexes her gamer's muscles by taking on her brother Leon's video game challenges.


4. She's like her siblings' little manager, ready to show the world how fantastic they all are.

With comments like “my sister, that's my sister!” how can you not love her?


5. Julia never considers her siblings as rivals.

And would be the first to mentor them on the ins and outs of the industry, as she did for her younger sister Claudia when they became co-endorsers of a personal care brand.


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