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Daily Diaries: Miles Ocampo Shows You 10 Easy Ways to Capture Nature's Beauty

Daily Diaries: Miles Ocampo Shows You 10 Easy Ways to Capture Nature's Beauty

Manila's roster of bloggers just became bubblier with the addition of young actress Miles Ocampo, who has recently started to showcase her passion for photography and calligraphy through her own photoblog.

Miles' photoblog


"Hilig ko yung mga bulaklak, yun nature, at mga puno," Miles shared in an interview on Magandang Buhay. This is very apparent in her beautifully-curated Instagram feed, filled with her lovely shots of a variety of things, but mostly of her travels. We can't get enough of these 10 images she took while vacationing in Japan—you'll want to jump on the next plane out of here just to see these for yourself:


1. A worm's eye view of Nagoya Castle. This unconventional approach in photographing Nagoya Castle gives emphasis to its sheer size, making viewers focus on the background more than the foreground of the photograph.


2. A well-centered shot of Meiji Shrine. By making use of the rule of thirds, viewers will be drawn towards the entrance of the Meiji Shrine, along with tourists waiting outside.


3. A close up of Cherry blossom flowers. Shooting flowers up close makes you see the little, colored details found in the stamen and pistil of these dominantly-white cherry blossom flowers.


4. A crowded shot of Harajuku. This shot works as it emphasizes the vast amount of people visiting the many stores at Takeshita street. 


5. A close up of a delectable ice cream sandwich. Just like in photographing flowers, close up shots of food give emphasis to its texture and details in each meal.


6. A daytime shot of Shibuya Crossing. Compared to the usual nighttime shots of Shibuya Crossing, a daytime shot works in emphasizing the appearance of the many buildings and billboards found in the densely-populated area. 


7. A play with intersesction lines. Focusing on the intersection lines gives a fun visual illusion.


8. A top shot of Chiba.  Such shots give a good overview of the many buildings found in a dense city like Tokyo. Also, these kinds of photographs are best shot in the morning, on a cloudy day. 


9. The various geometric shapes of this cute police station. Playing around with the rule of thirds (and having good knowledge of it) is crucial in emphasizing unusual shapes and structures, like this kawaii police station in Chiba. 


10. A series of lines in this railway photograph. Lines may look obtrusive in photographs, but in cases like this, lines help in elaborating technical details of this train station in Nagoya. 


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