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Style Inspo: Cristine Reyes and Her Family Show Us How Chic Portrait Shoots Are Done

Style Inspo: Cristine Reyes and Her Family Show Us How Chic Portrait Shoots Are Done

On the afternoon drama series Tubig at Langis, she’s total #lifepeg in terms of dealing with a woman who’s running after her husband: Fierce but still kind-hearted and never vengeful no matter what life throws at her. In real life, Cristine Reyes has an even more picture perfect existence with her loving husband, Ali, and beautiful daughter, Amarah. Over the weekend, she gave us all new reasons to totally make her a style inspo—their stunning family portraits, where they are also joined by Ali’s family, mom Marina, sisters Zhara and Hannah, brother Nathan, brother-in-law Juan Banal, and their nephew and niece.

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Move over, Kardashians, we’re all about keeping up with the Khatibis as they show us how chic photo shoots are done: 


1. Ladies of the family, venture out of your comfort zone and try stronger makeup looks for a change.


2. White never gets old. Make sure you have at least one layout where you're wearing white (pair it with denim for ultimate timelessness!).


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3. Nautical is another timeless theme you must try. Pair it with lots of happy smiles like the Khatibis did for a truly memorable shot.


4. Have a layout that's full of (stylish) drama. The Khatibis' choice? The Great Gatsby-inspired looks (matched with that fierce attitude, for maximum impact).

Family portraits are great keepsakes for many years to come, and will totally be beneficial for the future generations as well (heirloom levelzzz!). Make like the Khatibis and enjoy the whole shooting experience with your loved ones so you'll have even more beautiful memories to look back on.


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