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Hottie Alert: Who’s That Cutie Who Broke His Girlfriend's Heart in That New Fastfood Commercial?

Hottie Alert: Who’s That Cutie Who Broke His Girlfriend's Heart in That New Fastfood Commercial?

How can this new fastfood commercial not catch your attention? Girl trying to get over a breakup finds herself in their fave hangout place as a couple, the only vacant table is the exact same spot where her ex broke up with her—thankfully, she has the strength and courage to move forward and put all the sad memories behind (you go, girl!). #hugottothehighestlevel

Breaking up with your girl in a fastfood restaurant, of all places, is a major douche move, IMYHO, (then again, I understand that this is pretty much the norm today) but… did you notice how cute the model who portrayed the ex-boyfriend in question is?


Meet Anthony Labrusca, full-blooded Filipino, but spent part of his growing up years in Canada (oh, and he's the son of Angel Jones of the hip hop/R&B group Kulay so you know where he got that singing prowess from, and actor Boom Labrusca):


Wise words from a young man, don't you think? But besides having a good outlook on life, Anthony's got gymnastics prowess, too...


So rusty ?? popped my shoulder, ripped my nail off, and don't forget rug burns. Need to get back at tumbling

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Took me a few weeks to train my core strength, but I can finally do a standing press-to-handstand .

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I miss this

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"Anthony stood out among others because of his haircut haha!," kids Casting Edge Manila Co.'s Paul Cruz, the casting director for Anthony's TVC. "We actually needed someone who looks like a 'bad boy,' and Anthony fits the bill, plus he can also act well." While this is Anthony's first TVC, Paul adds that "working with him is like working with a pro, he's a bit quiet but he knows what to do and he listens very well to our director and acting director." Plus, he was also able to support the female lead, Elisse Joson, well, given that she needed extra help because she had to cry and cry.

We'll surely see more of this cutie in the future, what with him moving back here to pursue modeling. But meanwhile, here's something to tide you over as you await his next appearanceswish we could move around the pole like he doesand don't forget to follow him on Instagram:



A video posted by Anthony Labrusca (@tonythesharky) on


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Photograph from and screencapped from the McDonald's Burger McDo video. Special thanks to Casting Edge Manila Co., and casting directors Edge Pasion, Owel Baal, and Paul Cruz.




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